Hanging lanterns

Hanging lanterns, visiting carnivals, riddles and games …… traditional customs, people in the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival which will one day “year” harmony into the final climax, all kinds of colorful lanterns lit up again Shinan’s Castle streets, it is “invites together, Starbridge locks open; dark dust with horses, the moon by people.” Lanterns, puzzles, watching the sea, moon, people used to measure the pace of flourishing beauty, witness happy moments with family.


make shoes to baby

That baby wear shoes, feet do not sweat, walking poise!
Pros: breathable comfortable fit is not easy to swap shoes
The disadvantage is that pretty, I’m afraid to put on the streets every time someone jokes too rustic, give put bought shoes


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bamboo shrimp

bamboo shrimp 12 Ingredients: 400 g grain crisp-fried noodles, dried fans 50 grams, eggs three spices: chicken powder, garlic powder, fragrant fried flour, pepper, sugar, rice, salad the amount
1, bamboo shrimp to the head, the tail clean, Ji knife, add egg yolk, chicken, wine, garlic powder, pepper, fried fragrant spices powder, mix well and set aside.
2, dry fans with hot fried crisp gracefully into the dish and set aside.
3, after the bamboo shrimp marinated tasty cakes dipped in the above tablets into four dip into the hot oil and fry until crisp outside and tender inside, into the dish gracefully Serve.

Production key
Bamboo shrimp to be consistent size, while peeling the skin of the tail should leave.
To properly handle knife shrimp, otherwise it will bend.
When fried shrimp oil should not be too high.


A small lantern

A small lantern that produce their own trial and a great sense of occasion, children Lantern Lantern lantern how to manually diy … or midyear, gave children the best gift is a beautiful lantern, but bought lanterns

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make Lantern

Wide variety of lanterns ‘Yeah, I really surprised’ dexterity admire some parents ‘parents admire some imagination (maybe kids think) Ado’ on the phone the whole movie shoot ‘and the day it rains’ ineffective ‘make do make do with it.

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How to make shoes

With the improvement of living standards, people comfort shoes have become increasingly demanding. Ever fade shoes, has become a kind of fashion. Shoes do you know how to do?
1, five fabric sewing machine sewn.
2, according to shoe size cut.
3, with a layer of white cotton-doing, which was sewn into a stack, ie a layer insole.
Tip: For a firmer insole, insole available glue stick, did even more hard.
4 Repeat the first three steps, make three to five insole.
5, will make the insole sewn tight. If you think this is too much trouble, can be directly used to make the soles tendon at the end.
Tip: In the insole surface stitches, make it even more solid.
6, can be used to make insoles way, with shoe uppers, cut. And then stitched to the sole.
Note: Due to changes in the upper and easier to produce large, usually directly from the shoes of the person required to make the feet.

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